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Poetry Says: Episode 52 - 8/8/17

Alice Allan invited poet friend Mran-Maree Laing and myself to join her to record a relaxed poetry workshop during which we shared works in progress and offered gentle, but helpful feedback.

Poetry Says: Episode 16 - 6/9/16

In my first appearance on the wonderful Alice Allan's podcast, we discussed favourite poet Russell Edson, the importance of literary friendships, and I spoke about the project that became Airplane Baby Banana Blanket.

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Science Friction - Lucy's Story: the chimp, the poet, and the interspecies experiment that went weird - 4/9/20

I spoke to Natasha Mitchell about the life of Lucy Temerlin, the chimpanzee on whose life my book Airplane Baby Banana Blanket is based. It was a terrific chat that covered Lucy's fascinating but tragic life and included me reading a few of the book's poems.

Poetica: Around the Nation - ABC Radio National - 13/9/14

I didn't even realise my poetry was being included in this episode of the now sadly defunct poetry program Poetica. Mike Ladd claimed to be impressed by my first collection's "visual acuity and muscular language". It was a huge and exciting surprise when I first heard this episode. 

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Poetry on the Move: Well-Known Corners Contribution

Watch my reading of a poem about the idea of home.

You can read and watch more from the Poetry on the Move festival here:




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