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Puncher & Wattmann Poetry

"The poems in Regulator reveal an observant eye and an acute ear; the language is evocative, precise and sensuous. There are poems of the natural world, bristling with death and transformation, and of the everyday/dangerous laboratory. In Benjamin Dodds's childhood Australia, the Virgin Mary, painted in All Weather Exterior blue, fades in the Riverina sun; 'dangerous adolescent men/in wet sucking board shorts' bomb into the irrigation canal; a sweat-stained rural Santa hands out packs of Twisties. Under the surface, the insistent pulse of sexuality, an undertow or dread, a glint of subtle menace."

—Tricia Dearborn

Praise for Regulator

[His] confidence and ease at handling this material is a feature that may well mark Dodds as that rare thing, a genuinely new voice. He consistently demonstrates the strangeness around us with subtly playful seriousness.

—Greg McLaren, Cordite Poetry Review

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