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"The poems in Regulator reveal an observant eye and an acute ear; the language is evocative, precise and sensuous. There are poems of the natural world, bristling with death and transformation, and of the everyday/dangerous laboratory. In Benjamin Dodds's childhood Australia, the Virgin Mary, painted in All Weather Exterior blue, fades in the Riverina sun; 'dangerous adolescent men/in wet sucking board shorts' bomb into the irrigation canal; a sweat-stained rural Santa hands out packs of Twisties. Under the surface, the insistent pulse of sexuality, an undertow or dread, a glint of subtle menace."

—Tricia Dearborn

Praise for Regulator

[His] confidence and ease at handling this material is a feature that may well mark Dodds as that rare thing, a genuinely new voice. He consistently demonstrates the strangeness around us with subtly playful seriousness.

—Greg McLaren, Cordite Poetry Review


Where shrieks of bedlam

are the norm, calm

pricks the ears

from Good Grief, Charlie Brown

in Airplane Baby Banana Blanket

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