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Airplane Baby Banana Blanket

Benjamin Dodds

Published by Recent Work Press

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Airplane Baby Banana Blanket will be officially launched on Wednesday, October 28th at 7.30pm AEST via zoom.


Poet Stuart Barnes will launch the new collection and be accompanied by special guest Judith Beveridge who will read selected poems from both Airplane Baby Banana Blanket and her own work. 

Join Benjamin, Stuart and Judith by registering for the event in the simple form below. A zoom link will be sent to you prior to the launch. 

From the back cover:

The latest collection from Benjamin Dodds interprets the bizarre true story of Lucy, a chimpanzee raised as the "daughter" of Oklahoma psychotherapist Dr Maurice Temerlin during the 1960s and 70s. With deep empathy and en eye for subtle, telling moments, Dodds offers a complex reimagination of Lucy's fraught hybrid life through unflinching poems that fascinate and unsettle in equal measure.

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"Lost to history are the countless species we have hurtled into space,​ experimented with, or severed from their own kin and instincts. Viscerally, Dodds gives them back their agency in the most lyrical and poignant of ways. Lucy will never leave you."

-Natasha Mitchell


Where shrieks of bedlam

are the norm, calm

pricks the ears

from Good Grief, Charlie Brown

in Airplane Baby Banana Blanket

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